Traditional Graphite Illustrations by Stuart Whitton

Welsh born artist and illustrator Stuart Whitton is an advocate of traditional mediums, specifically graphite. And whilst there are plenty of incredible graphite artists around, Whitton’s subject selection and his portraits are what stood out to me. Specifically the portraits that are overlapped with cloth. It’s a known fact that cloth is one of the hardest subjects to draw, to then combine this with portraiture is quite the display of creativity and skill. You can see a few of my favorites below. 

Stuart Whitton is a rising Welsh freelance illustrator and visual artist based in London who enjoys nothing more than creating imagery for personal and commercial clients globally. With a growing client list and ongoing projects Stuart is focused on making his artwork known to the world.

Graphite Illustrations

Graphite Illustrations

Black Sabbath 2

Black Sabbath 3

Black Sabbath

Cloth Portrait 1

Cloth Portrait 2

Cloth Portrait 3

Cloth Portrait 4

Cloth Portrait 5

Cloth Portrait 6

Cloth Portrait 7

Creative Review Contributor Portrait 2

Creative Review Contributor Portrait 3

Eye Drawing 1

Eye Drawing 2

Eye Drawing 3

Eye Drawing 4

Graphite Illustrations

Eye Drawing 6

Graphite Plant 1

Graphite Plant 2

Graphite Plant 3




Monopoly Postcard 3

Monopoly Postcard 4

Monopoly Postcard 5

Monopoly Postcard 6

Self Portait 1

Self Portrait 2

Shell 1

Swan Lake Poster 3

Swan Lake Poster 4

Swan Lake Poster 1


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