Unique Watercolor Illustrations by Faryn Hughes

Faryn Hughes favored medium is watercolor illustrations, she explains how she likes the dreamlike quality and the movement and fluidity that watercolor expresses. Faryn is an aspiring illustrator based in Saint Paul Minnesota, she also works with colored pencil, tea, charcoal, pen, ink and Sumi-e (Chinese art form using ink on rice paper).

Much of this artist’s style is inspired from children’s book and fairytale illustrators from the turn of the century such as Warwick Goble and Arthur Rackham, as well as ancient oriental art and designs from Japan, China, Korea, and India. Both the simplicity of ancient oriental painting and calligraphy as well as the complexity of modern Asian designs have inspired many works of Faryn’s art.

watercolor illustrations

watercolor illustrations2

watercolor illustrations

watercolor illustrations4

watercolor illustrations5

watercolor illustrations6

watercolor illustrations7

watercolor illustrations9

watercolor illustrations10

via: Faryn Hughes

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