wooden sculptures

Unique Wooden Sculptures by Paul Kaptein

Paul Kaptein’s wooden sculptures are made out of laminated wood, with panels that slide back and forward creating holes that Dr. Ric Spencer explains as creating their own holes which exasperate the gaps in the fabric of the universe. Paul currently has an exhibition of ‘The Contours of Emptiness’ project open until December 1st at Moores Building, Contemporary Art Gallery in Fremantle.

As Paul puts it – the laminated wood starts the enactment of key principles: expansion and contraction, interconnection and incompleteness. Once again the material processes of Paul’s push toward inmaterialism – finding life through the dissection of (material) language. In this sense Paul is asking language, the description of materialism as process in this case, to become the energetic impact of the work, the spark that ignites the fusion that creates transformation (which in itself is form).

wooden sculptures

wooden sculptures2

wooden sculptures3

wooden sculptures4

wooden sculptures

wooden sculptures6

wooden sculptures7

wooden sculptures8

wooden sculptures9

wooden sculptures10

wooden sculptures11

wooden sculptures12

wooden sculptures13

wooden sculptures14

wooden sculptures15

wooden sculptures16

wooden sculptures17


wooden sculptures18

via: Paul Kaptein

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